The Library

The Civitella Ranieri Foundation Library acquires, provides access to, and preserves materials concerning the three disciplines of the Foundation’s program: visual arts, music, and writing. The primary mission of the Library is to represent the work of current and past Fellows and provide reference for projects done during residency. The Library is used by both Fellows and staff for reading, listening, and viewing.

History and Collection

The Library collection started with the first residency in 1995 and has grown considerably in recent years. The collection is housed in the Armory on the piano nobile and in the Library Annex on the attic level of the castle. Thanks to numerous donations from Fellows, Director’s Guests, and Friends the collection includes over 7,000 monographs in over 30 languages. Its holdings include works of literature, visual arts, art history, and music scores. The collection provides reference for field trips, recreational listening and viewing, and resources on Italian culture. Additionally, the Library has a growing number of arts and exhibition catalogs relating to the work of past residents and contemporary Italian art. The library also features an Italian film collection, with more than 500 films available to our Fellows and Guests for viewing.

Mark Strand Donation

At a meeting in 2015 of our Board Directors, the Civitella Ranieri Foundation formally accepted the generous gift of poet laureate Mark Strand's personal library. This library is being catalogued and merged with our collection at the Center in Umbertide for use by Fellows and Director's Guests. Mark's private library numbers over 3,000 volumes and will be housed on the piano nobile of the castle. Stephen Doyle (DG 2015) designed bookplates as well as a commemorative table sculpture honoring all donors to the library.

Funds are still needed to cover our expenses for shelving and cataloguing. You may donate to this important project through PayPal on our website.

Collection Development Policy

The Library collects works of merit that support the activities of the foundation. It is primarily an artist’s library, meant to inspire residents and provide them with informative resources during their stay at the castle. We actively collect the work of Fellows and Director’s Guests and encourage them to send us their literary and art publications, music CD’s, and scores.

Library Information, Services and Rules

The Library is available for use by Fellows and Director’s Guests in residence at the Center. The collection is organized in open stacks, and readers are asked to sign out materials and return them by the end of their stay. Library holdings can be viewed through our online catalog on

The Library provides wireless internet access in the Armory and sitting areas. There are two computers available for use, and printers are located at three stations throughout the castle. If residents wish to make photocopies or buy paper, they can do so in the office. The Library is open for residents 24 hours per day.


For more information on the Library please contact Residency Director Diego Mencaroni at