Tran LuongVietnamVisual Arts2002

A poem:
Here it is as peaceful and transparent
as in a dream
I sit here looking in the mirror,
looking to the past,
looking to dusty places
that I love . . . 

The Red Network (Installation)

Growing up under the lines of America's bombs and ammunitions, our generation always wishes to forget the past of war. We thought we could rest assured and give all our concerns to our new happy lives, but the more experienced we become, the more we realize that it is not easy to say goodbye to the past. The remains of the war are found everywhere around us. Is it not possible or not permissible to forget? As right at this moment bombs are still dropped and guns fired somewhere in this world. I remember B52s spreading squares of 20 meters each side down to Hanoi, each square was shaped with 4 bombs at its four tops like the eyes of a net.

I wonder while referring to my favorite Buddhist saying: "The God's net is so immense, so although it is sparse, to escape from it is difficult". I can see more clearly the inferiority of the poor and the weak in a new world order. Probability and chances. Every now and then in my nightmares I see the red network.