Stein RønningNorwayVisual Arts2010

First week.
I sat outside the south wall listening carefully finding there was not one split second where not some bird made some sound. Absolute nondiscontinued birdsong. Inside the castle I heard Carman at work on his new work for four voices. In my hands I held Gabrielles poems. 20 yards away herself looking for some spot of sun amid the clouds of late spring in Umbria. On the table in front of me in a catalogue, Giuseppes work on transparent glass in Flanders. Behind the thick walls here him at work, in a passage between walls, inside this castle. I felt very safe and priviledged there trusting that the work was going to be just fine.


Last week.
Sitting inside. Now enthusiastic about the outcome so far. Camera and props in my livingroom - finally found to be the best situation to work in. I sense in what I have developed of film so far that it has a calm and a clarity that conforms to what I believe I wanted. I will know for certain, in some time, when they have been worked through. I have this in mind: In a situation where the work of art to an ever increasing degree is becoming part of an industrial deployment of mediated culture, value and opinion, the most radical position would be one of simple serene beauty. And now, I happen to be, like some others I believe, one that is not at all sure about what beauty is any more. But then to work towards some affordance of this: on the one side to free the imagination and on the other side to open the understanding, within a situation where what is included also belongs?


I could not for me, at this moment, think of any place more inspiring to this effort than here. I was so much looking forward to come and now I so much look forward to start continuing what was made here. With gratitude.



Stein Rønning
Civitella June 2010