Sofía TáboasMexicoVisual Arts2016

Sofía Táboas was born in Mexico City. Her practice consists mainly of site-specific installations and drawings. Scale is an important factor to immerse the viewer in a particular experience, modifying the perception of everyday situations and materials.  Táboas investigates natural and manufactured spaces, how they are constructed, transformed, thought of and perceived. The lines of work she has developed are defined by the elements present in each piece: live plants, artificial plants, mosaics and equipment for pools, construction materials, bright plastic, fire and light sculptures, cotton candy, glitter, obsidian, among others.  Táboas uses them in the construction of installations and walkable structures, sometimes permanent and sometimes ephemeral. Her practice generates a threshold or limit between elements which may be dissimilar or even irreconcilable. These stylistic decisions, typical of her work, are capable of forming rarefied habitats, warped perceptions and unexpected movements.