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Shuruq Harb, born 1980 in Ramallah (Palestine), is a visual artist, curator and writer. She is the co-founder of “ArtTerritories”, an online platform for artists and cultural producers to reflect on their art practice and engage in critical exchange on matters of art and visual culture in the Middle East and the Arab World.  She has shown her work at biennials, galleries, and museums and contributed to several publications as an editor.  She has curated a number of public programs including “Battle of Images,” a series of talks, screenings and discussions that look at the visual culture resulting from shifts in photojournalism towards systems of aid at the Cairo Image Collective (2013); and “Gestures of Return,” a series of discussions around Palestinian displacement for EUNIC Cluster Ramallah.  Since 2014, Shuruq holds the post of Artistic Director of Makan Art Space in Amman.