Shiori UsuiJapanMusic2012
UNESCO-Aschberg Fellow

Civitella Ranieri has been a place where I could have my own time and space to rediscover myself, reflect and think about what art means to me. The conversations and discussions with the fellow artist, and the presentations given by them made me think about some very fundamental questions such as why we create art, and what is the “newness” in art means to me.


One of the deep discoveries for me during the time of my residency was the poem, Archimedes Lullaby from Heavenly Questions by the fellow artist and now, my dear friend, Gjertrud Schnackenberg. The poem talks about things with the sense of such a vast ocean of time (e.g. ancient philosophers, mathematicians and inventors, as well as the Universe itself) that in a way, it frees myself up from the questions or situations that might constrain me or limit my potentials to live and work as an
artist with a free will.


The time at Civitella Ranieri has created sounds that will resonate within my body and beyond for many, many years to come. Thank you everyone whom I spent time together at the beautiful autumn Civitella Ranieri.