Sandra RamosCubaVisual Arts1998



To have had the opportunity to participate in the fellowship of the Civitella Ranieri Foundation was personally a wonderful experience. The reasons were not only because of the beauty of the landscape of Umbria, Italy, which are so adequate for creation, and the excellent conditions of living and working in the Ranieri castle facilities. It was also for the opportunity of exchanging approaches with artists of diverse countries and manifestations that have become new friends in time.

The work that I started during this period forms part of a series entitled “Immersions and Burials”. There is a continuous use of the self-portrait to comment, from a personal point of view, on a poetic reflection of the relationships between man and nature and the public and the private, and the vital cycle from birth to death. Those are existential and philosophical problems that are common to the whole of mankind. In formal terms, the works move from the drawing to the installation using a core image produced in Civitella’s photogravure shop, and using mixed media.