Sally HellerUSAVisual Arts2013

East Meets West in my version of toile -- Collage 5 feet x 2 feet images/ thread on rice paper


Civitella is a dreamy place for artists. I came here with a vague plan to make Environments for my cut out figures. Wandering the expansive grounds of the Castle while gazing out onto the vast openness of the land and vistas of Umbria, it was not long before I sat down to work cutting and pasting. The landscapes I created were simulated but inspired by the relationship I was having to the spaces and ancient structures around me. Colors at first seemed too bright, too saturated as my eyes grew accustomed to the hues of Italy. I began sewing around the images --creating lines that were topographical as well as directional. The figures resonated as both subject matter and field pattern. The more I explored materials and ideas without the daily pressures of routine, the further the work grew. The atmosphere at Civitella and its monumental presence was a force of inspiration and discovery for my work.