Sabrina MezzaquiItalyVisual Arts2000

The major part of my work is a materialization of the continuous repetition of typical feminine craft gestures (decorating, stringing beads, cutting, folding,…) from a traditional lifestyle (I remember my grandmother knitting, sitting on the armchair…).


Often they are works in progress developing in space and time. The final results have a light and pleasant appearance in contrast to the labor-intensive mode of their production, with an emphasis on the decorative (because the decorative is often overlooked in the history of art). In my work, fragments are very important and I like to use different media and techniques. There is also a narrative component consisting of short texts, memories and literary references.


In my work Sabrine, I delegated to other persons the narrative component: in fact I asked them to describe me. It was a stimulating experience in which I see new possibilities for future research.


Since adolescence, I have been continuosly asking myself why life is not as it is in the movies. The desire to be the movie-director of my own life drove me last winter to spend three months of isolation in Pantelleria, a little island in the south of the Mediterranean Sea. There, I realized that in order to feel like the player of a movie, you need an external point of view, out of yourself, with a someone else’s sight. From that experience, I created my last solo exhibition, Sent Messages, where I displayed letters, a video, a carpet of thoughts, shadows,… In my last work, "Curtain", I copied, point by point, the true curtain from my private room on the glass window of the public gallery.


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