Rochelle FeinsteinUSAVisual Arts2001

"Borromini Standard", 2001
Egg tempera on panel
10 x 10 inches

"Travel Abroad", 1997, Oil and mixed media on canvas, 74 x 208 inches


I came to Civitella Ranieri with a group of panels, some pigment and my computer. No ideas exactly, but lots of material. What I found at Civitella was an extraordinary environment comprised of other residents and staff, a growing feline community and a little car. The people there enriched my life, I hope I enriched the cats’ lives, and the car took me to Perugia. There I began thinking of color in a systematic way and returned with a new approach to my blank panels. I have since completed this group of panels as well as large format digital photographs, also begun at Civitella. I know this work would not have been made elsewhere, and I shall not easily find another environment of people, conversation, food, ruins, countryside, and solitude to so enrich the act of thinking creatively.


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