Ricky Ian GordonUSAMusic2009

I worked at Civitell Ranieri in a state of bliss. My studio (Pizza) was quiet and well equipped and beautiful visually, to the point that I felt like I had my own house in the hills of Umbria. I loved and respected my fellows so meals were electrifying. The food was wondrous as is the whole warm and kind staff who do everything in their power to make you feel welcome, respected, and comfortable. Consequently, I got a lot written...much of my opera "The Garden of the Finzi- Continis," which, by the way, it was perfect being in Italy and writing, and my civil war piece "Rappahannock County." I feel I am going home with a sheaf of music, refreshed inside and out and ready for the rest of the work with a new Italianized interior. I am most grateful for this fantasy pause in my existence, unasked for and out of the blue. I know not who nominated me or who decided I was worthy of being here...but who ever they are, and to everyone here...Thank You!