Reiko FuetingGermanyMusic2015

My main project at the Civitella Ranieri residency was a composition for the Amsterdam-based Oerknal ensemble.  I picked up an idea I had attempted a few years ago: a composition based on the madrigal Il bianco e dolce cingo (The White Sweet Swan) by Jacob Arcadelt, a Franco-Flemish composer who lived from ca. 1507 to 1568.  It felt natural to return to this idea for various reasons.  More than twenty years ago, I participated in a competition in the Italian city of Verona with a vocal ensemble that I sang with during college.  Il bianco e dolce cingo was the center of our program. 


Arcadelt was born in Northern Europe, not far from Amsterdam, but spent many years of his life in Italy.  Il bianco e dolce cingo may have been performed at the Ranieri castle, which existed during Arcadelt’s lifetime.  In fact, it may have been performed in the music room right next to the studio I worked at during the residency.  All those “coincidences” served as a wonderfully inspiring starting point for the composition.