Philip BlackburnUK/USAMusic2015

Fellow Philip Blackburn rigging up his wind harp


Philip Blackburn was born in Cambridge, England, and studied music at Clare College (BA, MA). He earned his Ph.D. in Composition from the University of Iowa. He has worked at the American Composers Forum since 1991, running the innova Recordings label while developing re-granting programs and opportunities for composers.

He is also a public artist specializing in sound.  He composed the soundtrack for the Wild Music: Sounds and Songs of Life exhibition initiated by the Science Museum of Minnesota now traveling the nation. Blackburn’s works have been heard in ships’ harbors, state fairs, forests, and coming out of storm sewers, as well as in galleries and on concert stages. He has incorporated brainwave sensors and dowsing rods in performance as well as balloon flutes, car horns, smart phones, and wind-powered harps.

In 2015 he installed a large scale kinetic sculpture, The Scope, for St. Paul’s Beacon Bluff NextGen industrial park on the site of the original 3M headquarters.