Nalini MalaniIndiaVisual Arts2003

From the series, "Stories Re Told", 2003, water colour and enamel on mylar 


The month long residency in Civitella provided a physical and mental space where I could work/dream on a major video theatre project and some paintings in an on going series based on myths. The nature of the silence and light in Civitella seemed to have a special effect on my ideas. At times nature was so overwhelmingly beautiful that it was impossible to concentrate on the work on hand and I would find myself dreaming. But that was also good. So different from the ambience where my own studio is situated. You see, I have a small loft in the wholesale markets in the center of Bombay. A very busy area. Civitella was an oasis of peace.

The Fellows would gather together for lunch and dinner under the trees in delightful merriment and many ideas and exchanges took place in this informal way. I got a lot out of these exchanges with fellow artists. We have parted from each other with promises to keep in touch and perhaps work on collaborations in the future. I look forward to that.