Marjetica PotrcSloveniaVisual Arts1998

from: An Empty City: Attraction of a Built Disaster 


I remember moments – a glimpse of Tinike and Leo walking past my studio door early in the morning, Edith sitting on the floor painting, I remember the smell of the luxurious Mediterranean grass. Civitella Ranieri was an island, which lasted over one month. I had a tremendously productive time. I cannot think about any other place so immensely humane and so inspirational. 

Nerlidere: The 24 Hour Ordinance, 1999

Both cities, Pozzuoli in Italy and Guerrero Viejo in Mexico, watched the end of their time coming, and in both cases the form their end would take appeared quite predictable. The only sure thing about Pozzuoli was a slow disintegration; and the possibility of rising waters seemed inevitable in Guerrero Viejo. To be able to face the end of its time, and to envision it standing still, reminded me of the arrested time of the city of Tel Aviv. Every year, the city’s life stops for one minute when people halt their movement, wherever they are – in the streets, in the offices, at home – to remember the victims of the Holocaust. Nothing moves and the city stands still.