Maria NegroniArgentinaWriting2007

From Arte y Fuga
Editorial Pre-Textos
Valencia, España 2005

Art & Fugue

(diavolo in musica)

  ¡Oh Noche amable más que la alborada!
    San Juan de la Cruz


what’s that?
Emily Dickinson’s favorite


and what’s the meaning of
corpus paradissum?


  to throw yourself in a river
  with a pocketful of stones


that’s how it goes
poetry can lead you
  just about anywhere


I do what I can—said death


once there was
an image
  instead of hands it had night
  instead of a face a bridge
  from nowhere to nowhere


my love it’s not easy
to open your legs


  different to say   
I love you you love me he loves me


I don’t get it


this little eternity
in sheep’s clothing


oh Strange Strange Desire
how do you say in English
only my death will never leave me?


the absolute music
one two three
here I come ready or not


and what if there is no wolf?
not even a winding
  a somersault
    a queen?

you go girl—said death
keep at it and you’ll write


  the tenth canto of Paradiso? 


no silly
  from the foreign city


  oh Socrates
  this is how it ends 
  expelled into the world


variations on never


like saying the river
of time and its opposite


and then listening to stones
  I  me
   more   die  


so that not-being comes to be




  how does an island resemble
      a counter-world?
  or a cage a stanza
of cold winds?


back to the drawing board
said death


once there was a wall
    or a meadow full of flowers
in the middle     or at the edge
the body is always an   


says yes or no
and later weeps or sings
or constructs
  an ethic of leaving


by the way—said death
how far away you’ve gone
  ¬—the better to miss you


and how’s pain?
  —still around


and kisses?


mirror mirror on the wall
  can I forget
what didn’t happen
so I can keep it?


you never know
has kisses beneath it


I am the kisses—said death
or perhaps a basket
  of red words


from night to night
no other sore point 


the beyond of what is
plays hide and seek
with itself


with a little luck
becomes here


the little girl
  reaches the house in the wood
with nothing left to learn
at last


Translated into English by Anne Twitty


diecisiete cilindros
para un concepto imposible
(Umbria Song)

apenas un presente de oro
arbitrario en el calor
vencido del verano


y en medio de eso
más verde que la hierba
como un acunamiento cotidiano
la ausencia
  de algo que se toca


pocas cosas
mi amor
  son tan confusamente claras


tu luz golpea
en las colinas de mi cuerpo


los cilindros muy quietos
  la catástrofe