Mabel CheungHong KongFilm1999

BRUNO: But I have to concentrate. They’re doing the penalty kicks now.

FLORA: Ai Lin has to concentrate too. She’s peeling the grapes for me.

Bruno looks at Ai Lin, and immediately sees that she is peeling the grapes rather unwillingly.

BRUNO: OK, I have an idea, Flora. If you win, I’ll peel you the grapes for Ai Lin. If I win, you’ll eat the grapes with the skin. How’s that?

FLORA: (curious) What’s the idea?

BRUNO: You see that man on TV?

Flora looks at the TV and sees Baggio getting ready to kick the last decisive penalty kick for Italy.


FLORA: Yeah, that’s Baggio. Number one striker of Italy.

BRUNO: Right. Do you think he’ll score this one?


BRUNO: Of course he will. He’s the best.

FLORA: No, he won’t.

BRUNO: OK, if he scores, you eat the grapes with the skin; if he doesn't, I'll peel them for you. Fair enough?

FLORA: Yeah -

Flora smiles, obviously interested in the challenge.

AI LIN: But, Bruno...

BRUNO: Don’t worry.