Luciano FigueiredoBrazilVisual Arts2006

View of Figueiredo's work in progress at Civitella's studio


One of the very special ways we can think about working and living at Civitella is the fact that very rarely, artists have the opportunity to experience deep reflection, meditation and producing work in an environment totally different from the one he/she is used to. That is to say: his native city, culture and artistic contexts.
The contact with other fellows from the different arts in this unique situation is also a generous benefit and I would differentiate the encounters we can have with other artists at Civitella from those we can experience in most of the great cosmopolitan metropolis of the world.

These encounters happen in a more individual and spontaneous basis as we are not offered pre-conceived cultural themes to be exchanged or discussed.

Due to those experiences, I can resume my staying at Civitella as a profound cultural and existential touch in my life as an artist. Therefore, I feel extremely privileged for having had such opportunity.

Luciano Figueiredo
Rio de Janeiro, September 29th 2006