Liselot van der HeijdenNetherlandsVisual Arts1997

At Civitella I shot a lot of video footage, developed ideas for new works and made a proposal for an installation in the tower of Umbertide. The idea is to use the existing architectural space and make all the works site-specific interventions; everything should relate to the original function of the tower; to seeing, surveillance and protection.

I am interested in the juxtaposition of historical and modern techniques and the relation between both the inside and outside of the protective walls. The installation connects all the floors (conceptually); climbing to the roof. The central idea is to have large transparent photos on all the windows in the tower. Back in NYC I am still working with the ideas and video from Civitella, and I just finished editing a new video work called Welcome to Venice. I had a very good time in Civitella, and living with the other fellows was an interesting experience. The setting of the castle and the international atmosphere of the group could have inspired an Agatha Christie novel. I often think of the intense and inspiring talks with the group.