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In Memoriam: 1915 - 2014

At Civitella, I started to write a new poem, “Details. A molecular autobiography.” I wrote 500 lines and am at a point where this preliminary form can be published, probably in Holland. I would not have written this poem without a fellowship at Civitella Ranieri.


I also wrote a number of new programs in TrueBASIC of a kind I have been writing for several years now, intended to let the computer create chaos-dominated images, and I wrote brief instructions for other fellows to use and write such programs.

Excerpt from 'Details, A Molecular Autobiography,' 1998

Before I lived I was two living things, an absence borne between two different wings: a soft cell, female, and a hard one male. Decency may forbid me less detail but allows me to migrate and hide among the miracles of molecules inside.

Yes! Less detail I said, not more. I shall not let some stranger like myself, kind or unkind, in any flesh or in his mind observe my parents in the act.

I shall bury these long dead, alive under an undulating sea-green surgery sheet, I shall do it like a neutral nurse so none of the personnel will be distracted or attracted by the humanity that lies beyond their hands. I shall train my mental microscope only on the mental operating field, for only the unarmed naked eye is trained on the nakedness of nakedness, but our eye now being forced to see far closer, on a viral scale mercy, mercifully forbids us less detail.