Laetitia SonamiFranceMusic2001

Since the late seventies I have pursued my interest in the fields of electronic music and technology as it applies to music. I have been committed in inventing ways to perform my compositions and create a theatrical environment which engages the audience. I compose with electronic sounds from existing equipment and from electronic instruments I build, together with natural sounds. I often use a narrative element in my compositions. This narrative element is important and my work has sometimes been described as performance novel. Fragmented or whole, these stories represent facets of a woman’s life. I designed recently an “instrument” called The Lady’s Glove.

This arm-length evening glove is studded with various sensors which allow me to trigger and modify the sounds and control the music with the gestures of my body. Lately I have used this invention to control lights, shadows, and small motors whose sounds are processed in the computer during the performance.