Kristina BræinNorwayVisual Arts2009

I was interested to see how nature and silence would affect my work. Normally I work in busy, urban settings.


Due to my practice of finding materials in my immediate surroundings, I looked down and around me to see what materials were available here. Sitting in the swing of the Civitella garden one day, my eyes fell upon a variety of wooden sticks and branches, cones and small "leftovers" from trees and plants.


PRADA is Italian, it`s elegant, luxurious,glamourous, expensive.
It`s fascinating and attractive, but also ridicolous and dangerous as everything that has commercial power. My meeting with Italy, the old Civitella castle, Frans of Assisi and the umbrian nature led to some reflections around power, beauty, nature, glamour, poverty, humour and morality.


The reading of Iris Murdoch's Existentialists and Mystics, that I found in the Civitella library, was especially fruitful for my reflectiing around vanity, the platonic view on art and eros, the relation between the material and the spiritual; all issues I find very important.


Parallell to the more playful experiments with a new PRADA-collection, I have used the time at Civitella planning a book presenting my most important art works accompanied by small texts and statements related to my practice as an artist.