Kamau BrathwaiteBarbadosWriting1996
Son(g) to Ra for the coming of the Day of the New Moon


I see the evening starrow & the new moon together
sleeping in a velvet peace of tomorrow


Greetings. Homage. Libation to Thee
O Mother of the Morning


who dwelleth in thy Boat upon the waters of the valley
awaiting the sunrise of space
the light coming out of this soul of the ocean


beginning a new village of day. a new page. a fresh
scription upon the time-
lessness of white of dark of lips of whispers


and the bleed once love-
wracked lonely voice of billie holiday seeking horus
learning the meaning of time the meaning of music
& horizon & need


Horus has cut off the lean head of darkness in heaven
where it lies in the form of That & grease. in the plump


body of the goose. in the winged harp-
oon of the blind serpent become yr navel string
under the boabab tree of yr servants the poets


All the animals are here
all the animals are here in the tennaments of flesh


gather them gather them gather them
into yr providence of fish


O archer O fisher of light


every eyevil shall be destroye
before the evening drifting of tents
by osiris by the osiris ani and by his mother the model voice
of the isis of reeds & the ibis river of moon


yr saxophone is a cradle O xongo of the stars
rock-a-me rock-a-me rock-a-me
into the wisdom of yr sleep into the wisdom of yr sleep
O violins of voyages


the drifting waves of sound out of the sands
of this water. out of this desert
rock-a-me rock-a-me rock-a-me
into the widsom of yr sleep into the brilliant deeps
O violins of voyages


the drifting waves of sound out of the sands
of this water. out of this desert
of unbelievable distance
before crouching sphinx & any pointed shape & immovable




placate the hawk before me in the visor
of this adventure. in the visor of this adventure
let me swim forth sing forth my love & my
fortitude & all my grievances of birthplace upon this


dark meer O seas


plunging so steeply so softly. O seas
singing so sweetly. this tumultuous planet of paper. this
star. sitar & silver. reeds reeds reeds reeds


clashing and tangle beyond miracle Shape subtly through the wandering
months the moon appears tonight
once more refashion & again renewe


an agony of clearest burning brightly bourne
mother. mild as this moon
bend thy lips now to this child. thy daughter


that she here may receive
the compassionate murmur of water
its invincible serenity of silver


the disposition of the lamb
and in the land of traitors & lechers
where men's works may be prompted by passion


or pride or the promise
of riches. in the land of the trumpeting
lion. let her never be dumb/founded


KB, NYC 30 May 97