Judith LinharesUSAVisual Arts2006

'Peacock,' gouache on paper, 2006


For some artists working is the greatest pleasure possible. My stay at the Civitella Ranieri Center enabled me to immerse myself in uninterrupted work for six glorious weeks. The absence of all the annoying little chores and responsibilities that constitute maintaining ones life allowed me to focus my attention on my work in addition to the luxury of uninterrupted studio time I was in the company of other serious minded hard working artists coming from different national back grounds and disciplines. For example as a visual artist to see and hear the daily concerns of a composer what might inspire them in the world and how they interpret the history they have inherited has broaden and deepened not only my experience of music but helps me interpret my own history in new ways. Meeting artist of such different national origins as Bangladesh, Germany and Brazil gave me first hand insight into the common ground and history that visual artists share and how national culture and effects and shapes the art you make.