Jessica HoltUSAVisual Arts2001

You all come! You fellows, you companions, you staff!!!!

WHAT: A collaborative puppet show featuring all of us

TITLE: Repent

DATE: October 21, 2001

TIME: Following dinner, about 8:15 pm. Will last about an hour

PLACE: The dining room

PURPOSE: To ‘play’ together, to imagine together, with no other purpose than to affirm our creative selves, to know that if we can imagine ‘other ways of seeing’ that indeed they can happen.

PROCESS: A simple script will be prepared for the initial scene to get us started. The scene will feature the oppression of the count by the cook. The balance will be spontaneous dialogue. There will be no director. The dialogue of the puppets will determine the direction of the dialogue of the performance. You are encouraged to select at least one puppet whose personage you would like to represent.



the cook

the maid
the photographer
the poet
the painter
the musician
the sculptor
the priest
the companion
the director
the gardener
the gift
the ghost
the count
the bat #1
the bat #2
the angel