Jeremy WaferSouth AfricaVisual Arts2001

My five weeks at Civitella have been a wonderful time. The steady rhythm of uninterrupted days in the studio, the quiet and concentrating atmosphere, the beautiful surroundings, the warm companionship, the generosity of food and wine: all these are the ingredients of an ideal creative time and space. Combining all this with the chance to travel a little, to see the Piero della Francesca’s in their original settings, the Venice Biennale, to walk among the olives in the soft evening light.


While at Civitella I have felt free to explore new directions in my work and have spent time reflecting on these and on where I have come from. Some of this found its way into the grove of pines, some onto the bocce court in an installation of lamps, some onto the studio walls and some plans for new work are mapped out in my sketchbook. I go away with a clarified mind and a refreshed heart.