Jackie KayUKWriting2005
The Angler's Song

Down where I am, my love, there is no love.
There is no light, no break of day, no rising sun.
Where I am, I call you in; I open my large mouth.
The only light down here comes from my body.

Down where I am is deeper than you imagine.
There is no food, no easy prey, and it is freezing cold.
I sing to make you say my name. My big eyes weep.
This is the world of never ending darkness like pain.

Come down. I have been waiting for you a long time.
I wait without appearing to wait.
I see without being seen to see. You know me.
I am big headed. I am hideous. I am ugly.

Come down. When I find you, I will bite into your belly.
What you see is what you get with me.
There is no other way. I will become you, let us say.
All that will be left of me will be my breathing.

Come down where I am. In and out, out and in.
Down at the very bottom of the deep dark sea.
When I become you, my mouth will stay open.
My open mouth like the river mouth down at the bottom.

Come down where I am. I will flash my lights for you.
My large eyes will take you in, contain you.
I make no promises. I offer nothing. Not even light.
Down, deep down in the dark, at the bottom, is my bed.

My sea bed, love, where there are no promises of love.
Dark — where there are no promises of light.
Where there is little hope of food;
Where day and night are night and day.

My sea bed, I tell no lies, so your heart
will not be broken. I offer nothing.
All you will have is my breathing.
But I will give myself up to you.

I will give myself up for you.