Ivars DrulleLatviaVisual Arts2012

Post-war Childhood, 2012, digital print, 25x18cm
(Sketch for a light-box with figurines).
Text: "Childhood. An Artist in post-war Latvia. Mushroom hunting."

Legendary Theory, 2012, digital print, 25x18cm (Sketch for a light-box with figurines.)
Text: "Together with companions an Artist develops a legendary theory that Lenin was a mushroom."


Mushroom hunting that drives the whole nation crazy from July to September is one of peculiarities and cornerstones of Latvian national identity.

Seriously. Every family has it's own secret place in the forest where to pick mushrooms.

At Civitella, under the influence of local truffles I created a proposal for the upcoming solo-show which tells a life-story of a mushroom-obsessed artist. He has a theory that all of the greatest minds in the world are in fact infected by funghi that rule them and they are telepathically interconnected by spores they emit. An artist has found these spores and for years tries to infect himself and to become a genius.