Gulammohammed SheikhIndiaVisual Arts1998

Book of Journeys, 1998 Gouache on Arches paper 25 x 27 cm (inside paper) 18 pages painted during residency at Civitella 


I live and paint in Baroda, where I had come to study and stayed on to teach, paint and write. I paint, on formats ranging from the hand-held paper to the architectural scale, to bring the world I know, see and seek into my life; to illumine it in its complexities and contradictions -reinventing art history while painting, and in my critical writing/texts. My writing in Gujarati, poetry or free-wheeling prose follows a parallel course.


Civitella was a dream come true! To enjoy five saturated weeks of work, congenial dialogue and delicious local cuisine in such a beautiful location was refreshing and deeply satisfying. To live within touching distance of the great Italian paintings, admired for many years, from the 13th to 14th centuries and to be taken on periodic "pilgrimages" to their magnificent sites was an unmatched experience. The thought and effort that went into the work and living spaces, and the considered and varied selection of co-residents combined to create an ambience of relaxed and informal exchange of ideas fortifying creative needs.