Felix ProfosSwitzerlandMusic2003

For a composer, I guess, there is nothing more efficient than to waste time...and the 6 weeks stay in Civitella Ranieri provided me with everything to make such a way of life possible.
So I was able to finish the 70-minute score "large composition no. 1", a work that has kept me busy for almost a year and that was due for performance shortly after my return to Switzerland, as well as writing a whole new score for the Dutch Maarten Altena Ensemble. Everything in Civitella seemed to be in favor of totally forgetting about the time pressure that I was actually in...the marvellous place with its beautiful surrounding, the inspiring library, the delicious food and, last but most certainly not least, the company of staff members and fellows who miraculously always seemed to be around when there was need to talk to someone, but never otherwise... To put it in other words, I could not imagine a better place.