Fatimah TuggarNigeriaVisual Arts2002

Technology is a central theme in my work. I use it as a metaphor for power dynamics to explore how media diversely impacts local and global realities. Media is both a subject and the medium of the work. Borrowing from the familiar language of advertisement and drawing from the experiential, I investigate the cultural and social implications of technology.

To fully explore these ideas I try to go beyond just illuminating obvious differences, or creating binary oppositions, but looking closely at cultural nuances. My concern is not to pass definitive judgments on the cultures involved, but to look in between the cultural products and structures as a way to better understand how media technology influences and affects the daily lives of people. I focus on the internal relationships of the individuals within the image, tempered by the surrounding power structures.

"Money & Matter" is made up of a series of nine images that examine the relationship of human beings to capital, on a personal level and from a social perspective. In this series I use entertainment technologies as a vehicle for commentary on various and conflicting histories, journeys and materials in our experience. The symbols and expressions of money exist in relation to matter as both subject and object of what we desire and fear. The tension between the money's power gaming and elements of distraction and the substance of what matters in peoples lives are at the core of this series. I for one know that I am unquestionably implicated in the dynamics of money & matter.