Emilio FantinItalyVisual Arts1999

At Civitella I stayed with Cinzia, Arianna, Alma, Gordon, Clelia, Cecilia, Durs, Eva, Marlene, Xu Bing, Cai Jin, Liliana, Lee, Kathy, Tom, Jess, Vanessa, George, Giancarlo, Paola, Romana, Marzia, Laura, Maurizio sharing experiences, thoughts, pure air, landscape, tales about Perugia, Assisi, Gubbio, Todi, talks about art, literature, music, theater, poetry, sculpture, painting, dance, philosophy, politics, ethics and esthetics. Playing with Puglia, Pedalino, Silvano (dogs and cat). Sharing risotto with mushrooms, octopus with lemon, roast lamb, truffles, chickens and ducks grown at Civitella, tomatoes, salad, apples, melons, watermelons, ice cream, crostata with strawberry, coffee, grappa, tisane, red wine as Torciano, Sagretino di Montefalco, Rubesco and Brunello. Staying together at the library, at the dining room, at the garden, at the artists’ studios. Walking among sunflower fields, cypresses, linden, chestnut and oak trees, mimosa, wild roses, daisies, jasmine flowers.