Dorji PenjoreBhutanWriting2005
My Second Pillow

Rabbit still pushing in my intestines
Digestion grinding Civitella’s cuisine to soft power
Wine finding its way to freeze my nerve and blood
When what is in me is still myself, not wine
Discuss with Jackie Things Fall Apart
Connect to Chinua Achebe’s Nigeria resonating in me
As Jackie’s smoke merge with air to form one big air

After watching Umberto D with Nicholas at night
Retreating to my castle apartment along the gravel path
Sharing cool silent young night’s air with shrieking owls
Feeling fearful of figures that are my mind’s making
Peace, time and silence weighing heavily on me
Here is thousand time
Time even to count pebbles my feet have been always stamping
By coming and going out of castle door

Accepting greeting from Ranieri’s portrait in corridor
Hear Nick Drake’s melancholy from a large piano
A sweet music flowing from a door half ajar
Searching for symphony lost in cacophonic UK -
The latest victim of bin Laden’s suicide bombs
Unquenched, thirsty, my ears drink Mica Nozawa’s Tuning with John
Over a large square bed, one pillow always unused

Lying in bed, portraits of two young unknown ladies
Hanging by the wall on either side of my bed
Sit talking to each other in mute silence
Until I look at them. They frown at me
Or smile, or both whichever I want.
I prepare two pillows and sleep on the first pillow
And close my eyes with a question: who will sleeps on the second pillow?

- Saturday, July 9, 2005