Dan PerjovschiRomaniaVisual Arts1996

"Wonderful World" is a work in process. Started in 1994 and continuing today. And tomorrow. From my point of view it is an endless work. Nobody will see or will buy the whole work. The main part consists of about 100 pieces (modules). Maybe 120. Maybe 150. Each piece (module) 3Ox21 cm, has an issue. Each issue consist in about 25 multilayered drawings. Power, To draw drawing, How we win the Communism, Tired-so tired, Media, Artist and curator, ArtEast, Talking-just talking, Too much-too many, Race and gender, O.J.O.K, A day of my life, Me and New York, New ideas-old tricks, They tax me, The Jon Bennet story, Romanian teacher-american students, Ideology, Identity, Internet etc. Every time, I show some hundreds or even thousands drawings... Each different. Each important. You can touch them. You can touch art. You can read my drawings but can you see them all? Can you remember them? Can you remember the World? Can you touch it?

I exhibit just parts of "Wonderful World": 60 modules in Aachen, 100 in Duke University. Never the same, never in the same way. I keep adding new topics-new modules. I sell issues - modules. The "Wonderful World" is spread in the World. 10 pieces in New York, 12 in Durham, 2 in Art Museum Arad, about 10 in Germany, some in France, some in Romania, etc. Private collectors. Museums. Friends. My "Wonderful World" is my revenge on the World in which we are living.