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About Centauro for violoncello, clarinet & tape (June 2012):

Centauro is written for violoncello, clarinet & tape. Premiered by Thersa Wong and Yoshi Onishi, at the Civitella Ranieri Center, on 3rd of June 2012, and is dedicated to the Civitella Ranieri Foundation. The piece is based on a series of cartas celestes (maps of the sky) used in the past for navigation.
The musical materials are selected from a process of transcription of star-patterns from the maps into music information: such as a pitch, glissandi, durations and form.

In analogy to the anthological work by J.Cage Atlas Eplipticalis, where the composer presented his idea of mapping the atlas book by Antonín Becvár's star into music information, Centauro tries to establish a dialogue and analyze questions based on a series of thoughts by J.Cage related to his composition operations.