Bruce GremoUSAMusic2003

"Rhythm Plateau", 2003, screen shot


My stay at Civitella had the character of both a retreat, and of a communal experience with fellows from whom I learned and even collaborated. I accomplished much that I had planned to do. The stimulation that comes from such camaraderie, I had not anticipated. It was a great pleasure. I wrote three new interactive applications for computer and instrumentalist, revised an existing one and wrote a fourth one for a collaboration with a fellow resident, installation artist Charles Goldman. I had over a week of open studio performances in which I tested and tweaked the applications. Output is one measure of productivity, but doesn’t indicate how the quality of the focused and supported time that one has here affects the work made. I would note three things about my own process. First, I spent time working at a level of detail and nuance that I am too frequently unable to address. Second, I was able to pursue musical materials that I had long thought about, but have never had the time to contemplate, listen to, prepare and implement. Third, I found myself designing acoustical space as much as composing and exploring musical material. This interest probably brought me into closer contact with Charles. It seemed natural at one point to make a collaborative installation in the castle. And so we culminated our residencies with a joint work, one that I believe will continue in the near future. In short, the process here was transformative and most welcome.