Brenton BroadstockAustraliaMusic1998

My residency at Civitella Ranieri was possibly the most enjoyably productive time I have ever spent. I made significant progress on a major orchestral work (which was premiered in May, 1999 and recorded for commercial release) and completed a work for solo trombone and brass band — inspired by the cross on the mountain, Monte Acuto, across the valley from my studio (this work has also been recorded for CD).


Civitella, I believe, is an artist’s paradise, because they treat the artist, and the art with respect; they understand what it is to be an artist and to provide a comfortable, family-like atmosphere with minimal interruptions in which to work, but without any sense of obligation to do so. It’s the sort of place one needs to return to annually; to think, to self-appraise, to relax, to work, to interact with other artists — to be an artist!