Atul DodiyaIndiaVisual Arts1999

My time at Civitella was a quiet meditative break from Bombay and a year of gallery deadlines, unwanted phone calls, pollution and pressure. To be in the proximity of masterpieces and a beautiful medieval castle looking upon blue Umbrian hills opened up within me a new way of imagining/making. 

For the past few years having worked with photographs and specific references I was feeling within, that my playful, imaginative side was locked up. Here, I did these small watercolors where I let my head and hand freely create. What started as an exercise in loosening up, evolved into a kind of automatic drawing process where new images just kept coming. Ultimately, the whole pile unwound a story of houses and bricks and men and women and bodies—resting, defecating, pointing, wondering, riding, weeping….. it was strange and joyous. As a consciously ‘urban’ painter I was now in the realm of a universal, uncertain ‘tearscape’ where whole countries became maps, became stains…… As a fellow Civitellian quoting William Carlos Williams said “The Stain of Love is on the Earth, Yellow, Yellow……..”