Anselm HolloUSAWriting2005
At Civitella Ranieri

To rise out of the mist each morning
into a version of The Peacable Kingdom

feeling as dumbly content as Mr. Hicks’s lions
for the first hour or two, and then

to confront the beauty of Umbria
and person -- correction: persons -- all
concerned with (one way or another)
improving the intelligence of the species
of ape we are —-

   is a gift and delight that occurs
in few civitellas of this planet

this planet -- - such as it is now,
still struggling on,
trying to leave a record

perhaps no more permanent than the head
of Ruggiero Cane, “Khan” Condottiere
who returned from his wars
to rebuild his castle and commnunitas

later resuscitated –
and truly renewed -- by Ursula,
saintly person, whose love still sustains us

here -- among persons
of light and delight