Amy EllingsonUSAVisual Arts2007

I planned to hit the ground running upon my arrival at Civitella. And I did, until my hard drive died a slow, painful, noisy death. Bereft of my most dear and necessary tool, what to do? What to do, when each of the others is happily immersed in his or her work? What to do, when the ‘plan’ collapses?

Try not to panic. Slow down. Walk. Read. Think. Listen.

Now I see that during the two weeks of ‘down time,’ the work progressed anyway. I read, studied, and relished the opportunity to view the art of the Umbria region. And, with technology eventually restored, I began a project that I had been thinking about for months: a series of large-scale gouache drawings based on the manipulation of ‘wire-frame’ versions of the forms that comprise the vernacular of my paintings.