Abdus ShakoorBangladeshVisual Arts2006

Shakoor working in his studio at Civitella Ranieri

People, Lizard and Elephant, watercolor, 2006 

UNESCO-Aschberg Fellow

The first thing that I liked in Civitella was its natural scenery & chirping of various birds…the natural beauty outside the castle was magnificent too. The religious festival in the city of Gubbio was very beautiful, especially the colorful atmosphere of the festival. I was also amazed by the colorful flags hanging on every house in that city. The paper of Fabriano city for the artist was excellent & the cave was a very enchanting experience. As an artist my wish was to use Fabriano paper for my paintings. I was also amazed by the Deruta ceramics village which I visited in my last days in Civitella. Overall, I have greatly enriched my artistic knowledge by my stay in Civitella.